HCS of Western New York


The Hindu Cultural Society of Western New York, Inc., hereafter referred to as H. C. S., is an organization of people with diverse cultural backgrounds sharing a common belief in Hindu culture.

Preservation and promotion of Hindu philosophy, values, traditions and practices help present and future generations of Hindus experience and sustain a rich cultural and religious heritage. Through Hindu concepts, the Society aspires to create healthy minds; purposeful,progressive individuals; and happy, stable family units and promote friendship among members. This, in turn, contributes to the wholesomeness of the community and of the adopted nation, while maintaining spiritual and cultural identity.



The name of the organization shall be HINDU CULTURAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK, INC.,

Hereafter, wherever the word Hindu is mentioned in this Constitution, it includes Jain and others who are interested in Hindu philosophy and thoughts.



The main objectives of the H. C. S. are:

(1) to promote religious, cultural,educational and social activities which are consistent with Hindu philosophy and practice:

a.to hold Kirtan" or prayer meetings" based upon Hindu philosophy at regular intervals to fulfill the religious and cultural needs of the Hindu community.

b.to hold classes and discourses for members where they can learn about Hindu culture, tradition and Indian languages.

(2) to foster interaction and unity and enhance identity among members;

(3) to provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills, confidence, and positive self image;

(4) to promote good citizenship among members by instilling Hindu values in them and creating an awareness of the relevancy of these values in contemporary society;

(5)to develop among members an appreciation for and an under-standing of rich and diverse cultures within the Indian community;

(6) to generate understanding of Hindu philosophy and culture among other religious and ethnic groups within the area;

(7) to generate understanding and respect for other religious and ethnic groups within the area;

(8) to serve the community at large by participating in humani-tarian activities;

9) to work towards fulfilling total cultural needs of the community by expanding current facilities.

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